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Umbra Forest

In the inner part of the Gargano there is a naturalistic area with one of the most mysterious lush forest in the Middle Italy.

The Umbra Forest extends for ten thousands hectares of land, covered by many different species of plants, with signaled paths and rest areas for pic-nic.

There is also an info-point and a museum with important prehistoric relics, found in this area. The Umbra Forest is one of the most charming places where to walk or to observe the nature, especially for those who live in large and chaotic cities.

This area is perfect for excursions, naturalistic walks, mountain bike, observation of plants and flowers or animals, to discover all the mysteries of a pristine nature.

The atmosphere in the forest is almost mystic: Iacotenente Woods and Monte Barone are, for example, full of tall trees that seems columns of a cathedral. The Umbra Forest is an oasis of peace with a thick vegetation and a perfect habitat to many animal species : in fact, in the highest area of the forest there is a zoo with deers and Italic roes . The Visitor Center, instead, provides information about the paths and the rest areas, lodges a Naturalistic Museum, open to the public since 1975.

The exposure is divided in three areas: a naturalistic section, an archaeological one and a plastic of the Gargano promontory. The Visitor Center is also a datum point to organize educational and teaching days, especially to sensitize children to respect and preservation of nature.

The Umbra Forest has been chosen many times for "orienteering" championships, a sport which consists in following a path, marked by control points (lanterns), with the help of a compass and a map, containing details on the place to go.

For some years in the summer, the Folk Umbra Forest takes place in one of the rest area. It is a music festival organized by "La Bella Cumpagnie" association, ARIF and Puglia region. In this naturalistic area of the Gargano, you can spend time in the nature, in a peaceful and quiet place, perfect to find themselves far from problems of everyday life.



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    The Tremiti Island

    The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands is made by the Islands of S. Nicola, S. Domino, Capraia and Cretaccio, the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea that are at about 20 km from the Gargano promontory.