Gargano is a National Park since 1991.

Consisting of 121.118 hectares of territory, including Lake Lesina and Lake Varano and the marine reserves "Tremiti Islands".

Gargano hosts forests of beech, olive, citrus, chestnut, century old 'tassi', Aleppo Pine trees, Mediterranean woods, various types of flora and Gargano orchids (250 varieties).

Animals living in the territory: Roe-deer, Deer, Owls, Foxes, Hares, Wild Boar, etc.

Foresta Umbra:

The forest consists of 11.000 hectares of woods. Amongst enormous beech trees, 40 metres tall, poplar and 'tassi' trees, lives the Apennines Roe-deer.

Prestigious mushrooms grow in the thick forest and the limestone land descending towards the sea is covered by Broom and Aleppo Pine trees. Addentrandosi nella zona montagnosa si incontrano due cittadine interessanti sia dal punto di vista religioso che artistico.

San Giovanni Rotondo:

an Giovanni Rotondo owes its fame to San Pio of Pietrelcina who spent most of his life in this town.

In the Cappuccini Monks Convent and in the S. Maria delle Grazie Sanctuary where he was buried after his death, various prodigious occurrences have rendered the Priest famous. The Architect Enzo Piano built the new church hosting millions of pilgrims.

Monte Sant'Angelo:

The octagonal bell tower,built by Carlo I of Angio, dominates the village surrounding the sacred cave where the Archangel Michele once appeared. 

Beneath the Basilica lies the Longobarda tunnel, today a museum. Which originally, during the Longobardi period, was the entrance to the Cave. 

The Normann-Svevo-Aragonese castle is well worth the visit. 

Vico del Gargano:

he old town centre of Vico is one of the most beautiful and best conserved in Gargano.  The ancient quarters are preserved in the narrow streets of the antique churches.

The Norman - Svevo - Aragonese Castle and the Maratea Trappetto (olive press) are works of art to be visited.  In the square of the Cappuccini Monks Convent, there is a great century old 'Elce' tree.


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    The Gargano coast

    A record land: 200 km of coast where you can find beaches, bays, caves, coves, sea stacks…

    The Tremiti Island

    The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands is made by the Islands of S. Nicola, S. Domino, Capraia and Cretaccio, the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea that are at about 20 km from the Gargano promontory.