Costa del Gargano

White rocks, inlets and bays surrounded by mediterranean woods and pine, laurel, citrus and olive trees, renders this panorama incredibly beautiful.

Rodi Garganico:

Old fisherman's centre, perhaps a Greek colony. The houses of the old town cling to the rocks overlooking the sea. At the corners of the antique streets and at the portals of the houses, one can admire the ancient cornices and hand-crafted stonework.  The Sanctuary is dedicated to the Madonna della Libera.


Built on a cliff, and hosts an old town centre rich of shops and arts & crafts activities. The castle overlooking the sea dates back to the middle of the 13th Century. In Calena plains, one can find the ruins of the S. Maria church, founded around the end of the 12th Century


The bastions of the antique castle dominate the town facing the sea.  As well as the Cathedral and the medieval entrance, one can visit the, "Chiang amer" stone, upon which Dragut the Turkish Pirate in 1554 killed many of the town's people opposing resistance.. don't miss the S. Maria di Merino church.


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    Our Hotel is along the coast in the Gargano, straight on the beach, among Rodi Garganico and Peschici.

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    The Gargano coast

    A record land: 200 km of coast where you can find beaches, bays, caves, coves, sea stacks…

    The Tremiti Island

    The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands is made by the Islands of S. Nicola, S. Domino, Capraia and Cretaccio, the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea that are at about 20 km from the Gargano promontory.